Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

7.30am this morning found me stood teetering on the edge of our dining table stringing lime green (?!) cobwebs from the curtain pole while the boys ate their cereal and looked on bemused.

Those who know me will already be aware of my feelings about Halloween but for those who aren't familiar, it goes a little something like this:


The house is now decorated with aforementioned cobwebs complete with plastic spiders, spooky tinsel and a random toy bat to add to the ambience.  Toby was extremely excited about the idea of pumpkin carving whilst Rudy had his morning nap (which he's yet to wake up from...) but when it came to it he refused to scoop out the innards declaring it "TOO STINKY!" So i did both the scooping and the carving and wow, pumpkin carving is a serious upper body workout! My arms are still aching as i type. Toby did 'design' his own though- his requirement was "Eyes...and a nose...and a smiley scary mouth, all wiggly!"

Only daytime shots i'm afraid but i'm hopeful their spook-factor will increase after dark with the aid of a tealight or two ;)

We've only got the two pumpkins but i'm considering an afternoon stroll to the shop to get more once Rudy eventually wakes up that is!

I'm working tonight but planning a spot of teatime trick-of-treating before the boys' bedtime and may even wear my witches hat in to work :)

Happy Halloween / Merry Samhain everyone!

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