Sunday, 24 February 2013

The one in which it becomes apparent i know nothing about music

Chris and i don't get many evenings off together at the minute but when we do, boy do we know how to make the most of them...

This evening for example: I put Toby to bed, Chris puts Rudy to bed, i'm downstairs first, so when get comes in the living room i'm sat drinking beer and painting my toe nails red (because i'm that classy).

We sit not talking to each other for a while, me painting, him singing along to some CD he left playing before we took the boys to bed.

Me: "So what do you fancy doing tonight?...Anything?..."

Him: Carries on singing along to music

Me: "Alright fine, so we'll just sit here not talking to each other, drinking beer and breathing in the sweet smell of nail varnish fumes whilst listening to metal music that i don't even know"

Him: "This is Tool.  It is not metal."

Me: ...

Him: "That would be like saying NIN is metal!"

Me: "Uh-huh"


Me: "Well what is it then?"

Him: "Industrial"

Me: ...

Him: Reels of a few names of bands that apparently are metal that i haven't heard of

Me: "I don't know who any of those are"

Him: "Well, let's Kiss...oh no wait, that's more glam rock...well, like..."

Me: audible sigh.

Quality time.  You can't beat it.

Although i'd like to point out i have actually seen NIN live, therefore i believe this conversation demonstrates clearly that you can enjoy music without having a fucking clue what genre it is.


  1. Oh dear. Genres in music are so blurred and irrelevant these days, it doesn't matter in the slightest!

  2. Kiss is metal. Glam rock...pah! But, he was listening to Tool! Tool!! FFS!! Now if it had been class like Iron Maiden or even Kiss I would say nothing...but Tool!!!

  3. I think he was feeling angsty! Haha. I do stand by my statement that genres mean nothing though. I like what i like because i like it, not because of how it might be categorised. And i'm pleased to report the evening wasn't a total wash, we did manage to watch a film and have a few drinks :)