Monday, 4 February 2013

Evening Itinerary

My evening so far:
Baby dropping off to sleep.
Big brother wakes him up by coming in the room to show me what he made with legos.
(Tell him it's lovely but could he please play in his room while i get his baby brother to sleep)
Baby asleep.
Neighbours wake him up by daring to put their wheelie bins out for collection (How fucking rude?!)
Baby asleep.
Dog wakes him up by yowling and trying to dig his way out of the kitchen because he has recently developed a phobia of the washing machine (I ask you. Wtf?!)
(Put dog outside)
Baby asleep.
Washing machine spin cycle wakes him up.
(Curse washing machine and wish new washer-dryer would hurry-the-fuck-up and arrive already)
Baby asleep.
Wakes for no apparent reason but settles back to sleep.
(No action required)
Baby asleep.
Storm wakes him up.
Baby asleep.
Dog wakes him up howling at the storm.
(Consider advertising dog free to a good home)
Baby now asleep again.
It's only 10.15pm!
You know, i'd just give up but it seems like the poor little guy does actually WANT to be asleep but can't cope with all the disturbances :(  *Sigh* Looks like it may be a long night!...

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