Monday, 1 October 2012

Under Pressure

Na na na na-na-na-na.

Well i did it! I can now officially successfully resuscitate plastic mannequins.  Which apparently i should spell "Mannikin" as they're medical but i just can't bring myself to do just looks wrong.

As did the dolls in question, one had a peel-back face which was perturbing, and another one's arm fell off during a particularly vigorous resuscitation demo by one of the consultants.

Anyway, i had prepared myself for the worst after everyone telling me how horrendous it would be, so it actually wasn't as bad as i had expected and I PASSED! Wahoo! I got 94% on the mutiple choice (true/false) questions and i passed the practical assessment first time.  I did forget a couple of minor things but remembered them as soon as i left the room, and thankfully they weren't automatic fail points, a bit like getting a couple of "minors" on your driving test.

It was a loooong day (8am to 6pm) but i made it home *just* in time to put both boys to bed, so i was exhausted but happy and had a chinese takeaway and a beer to celebrate.

Chris's sister Emma was staying with us most of last week (Tuesday to Saturday) which was brilliant as the boys both love her and she kindly volunteered to sleep in Rudy's room so Chris and i probably got more sleep in those few nights than we'd get in a fortnight! She also washed up every evening while we bathed the boys and put them to bed so for the first time in recent history the kitchen didn't look like the cupboards had exploded their contents everywhere!

Since she left normal service has resumed and once again the kitchen counters are buried under dirty plates and half empty mugs of tea/coffee.  I attempted to tackle the situation this morning but had to break off due to Rudy getting his leg wedged between two of the bars on the safety gate in his attempt to join me in the kitchen, and then Toby declared an urgent need to use the potty and an inability to pull his pyjama bottoms down so i gave up...

We are now having some "quiet" time watching a dvd together and i'm typing this in fits and starts, breaking off every few minutes to explain things to Toby or prevent Rudy from pulling books off the shelves/licking the TV stand/hitting the dog on the head with a plastic spanner...

I had my introductory session for my mentorship on Friday and came away feeling that i have definitely bitten off more than i can chew.  The amount of reading they expect you to do, and time you need to put in is much more than i'd anticipated, and i can't help but think that if i can't even keep on top of my own washing up then how on earth am i supposed to find the time to do anything extra?

Just a couple of random photos from this past week as i haven't really been taking many recently (bad Mummy)