Friday, 6 June 2014

Indecision is your enemy

Well, it's mine anyway.

I can see both sides of everything, so making decisions can get pretty tricky.  I'm actually way better at the really BIG stuff than I am at the little stuff.

Quitting degrees, quitting jobs, ending relationships, getting a tattoo, chopping my hair off, moving house?  No problemo- I can make up my mind in five minutes or less.

Deciding what to say in a group conversation, what pair of socks to wear or what herbal tea to have before bed?  How long have we got?  Because this could take a while.

I've been blogging here now for over 2 years and I've amassed a dizzying array of 14 followers.  My view count increases steadily every day (and is about to hit 12,000 views) but most folk don't say much so I'm never sure why they came or if they're planning to come back.

What started as an attempt to document my boys' early months/years and maintain my sanity by using writing as an outlet, has developed into something else, and lately I've been wondering if it might be time to move on.

I feel a real loyalty to this place though, even if my url is ridiculously long, and the title no longer that relevant (our days of co-sleeping are behind us for the most part, barring illness or night terrors).  This is the blog that re-started my love of writing so to abandon it feels wrong.  But to just keep going doesn't feel right either.

So I made a new thing:

It's very new, so please consider it a work-in-progress ;)  I'm contemplating exporting this blog over there (maybe...not 100% on that yet) but for now, in the absence of being able to make non life-or-death decisions, I'm telling myself it's just something I'm trying on, to see if it fits.

Let me know what you think!