Friday, 2 November 2012

Trick or Treat

Yeah i know. I already blogged about Halloween. So bite me. It's my second favourite holiday. Although, as Chris likes to remind me, it's not actually a holiday in the UK (i don't even know if it is in the US?) But it SHOULD be.

So we took the boys trick-or-treating this year for the 1st time. Mainly because they had cute outfits if i'm honest. They were both dressed as spiders...

...but got mistaken for aliens, monsters, and err...girls! In Rudy's case! Toby was a little sulky about being a spider at first because he wanted to be, and i quote: "A Princess" I explained that we didn't actually have a princess costume but we did have a spider costume but he was quite insistent. When i asked why he said it was because "My just want a WAND!" so i think he's a tad confused about what being a princess actually involves. He was satisfied being a spider with a pumpkin torch in the end anyway.

I know some people don't 'agree' with trick or treating for various reasons. Obviously i get the religious argument. Others are slightly more dubious. Particularly those centred around how it's a "new fangled American thing tantamount to hooliganism knocking on old ladies doors and scaring them half to death yadda yadda..."  Halloween, and the traditions that trick of treating is borne from, is as old as the hills and smiling children in colourful costumes knocking at doors with lights in the window is a long way from menacing vulnerable folk after dark.

Anyway my little 'hooligans' :P did quite well from our 30 minutes in the drizzle. A lot of people didn't answer their doors, but those that did were generous. Toby got £2.20 and half a pumpkin bucket of sweets and chocolate!

He didn't really 'get' what was going on at first and was just a bit thrown to be leaving the house after dark, but once people started giving him sweeties just for standing and sweetly saying "Trick or Treat" or "Happy Halloween" you could see a little lightbulb go on in his head.
He tried tucking in to his stash the minute we got home but mean Mummy that i am, i insisted on both checking and rationing his wins. I thought it was just me being a paranoid crazy Mama but then when i was driving past a newsagent tonight i saw a news stand outside that said "Trick or Treat kids given cocaine"?!?!?!

I had to leave for work at 8.20pm by which point, after a full day of halloween frolics i was already looking less witchy and more zombie but i made i through the night by chanting "15 NIGHTS OFF!" like a mantra. Internally of course. Can't have my colleagues thinking i'm crazy...oh wait...they already do ;)

Yes indeedy i have 15, well, 14 now nights off work- bliss. Well. Sort of. Exhausting infuriating hilarious zombifying bliss! ;)

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