Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Ghost of Sick Days Past

We've all been ill.  Apart from Toby who must have some kind of superhuman immune system to have avoided all the germs flying his way.

It started with Chris who had a dodgy ear, then he had a cold, then i thought i had a cold but it turned out to be the flu.  Around the same time Rudy started with horrendous explosive diarrhea.  Three days later i felt that maybe, just maybe i had got through the worst of the flu when Chris and i both came down with Rudy's tummy bug.

I have to say that i have been feeling a tad sorry for myself.  It is my annual leave week after all, and i've spent three days in a row stuck at home in my pjs.  It's Rudy i feel most sorry for though, four days of toxic biohazard poop have left their mark (literally) on his behind.  He now has what may be possibly one of the worst cases of nappy rash i have seen. We're talking blisters.  What he really needs is some lengthly nappy-free time. But what with a. the diarrhea, and b. It being November, it just isn't happening right now.

I will say one thing.  Sick days are not what they used to be.  I remember sick days.  They used to involve nothing more strenuous than a telephone call into work (if required) and a decision on what box set to watch whilst lying in bed/on the sofa.  Possibly some sourcing of liquid refreshment/nutritional sustenance might be required.  And toileting.  But pretty much everything else used to fall by the wayside.

They certainly never used to involve laundry, housework, preparing meals for other people, getting up multiple times in the night to attend to the needs of others, or trips to Ikea (Don't ask! It's best not to ask!)

No, sick days are not what they used to be.

I have said before, and will say again, that the single hardest part of being a parent (practically, rather than emotionally speaking) is when they, or you, or both are ill.  You're already so stretched.  And then the vomit/poop/fever hits.  And initially you cope, because you're in crisis mode.  But then 2, 3 days in, it's not a crisis anymore and that's when you really feel it.

I am trying (so hard!) to be a glass-half-full mama though, rather than all doom and gloom.  And i'm half aware that all kinds of shit has hit the global fan recently so want it known that i do, really and truly appreciate what i have.

In that vein, i will say that i am so very very grateful that so far we have only experienced D rather than the full D&V.  I cannot begin to describe how pissed off i will be if i start vomiting.

Additionally, although sick days are not what they were in years gone by, they also never used to include this handsome bunch either...

So it's a fair trade i suppose ;)

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  1. Oh no! Hope you're all on the mend now :S

    Nyah's got some awful nappy rash too. After 2-3 weeks the GP said it was thrush and prescribed Timodine, 2 days in, it had spread further, and by the end of 10 days she was raw and in agony. So went back to the docs, he says it's not thrush, and has advised hydrocortison and sudocrem. He also gave helpful suggestions such as "change her". Seriously? Yeah cos I just leave her sat in urine for days on end... FFS.

    We tried nappy off time. The first time she squatted and weed on the floor. Fair enough, I thought, it's a one off. The next day she'd just had a poo so I cleaned her up then let her wander off while I washed my hands. She was squatting down playing with a toy so I picked her up, and there was a lovely pile of crap on the floor. She's such a lady.

    Theakston's had a flu/cough this this weekend too and now I seem to have it, joy. You've gotta love Autumn/Winter bugs...