Saturday, 3 November 2012

The woes of mobile blogging and children's parties

So last night was my 1st time using the blogger app on my phone, and as you may have noticed, the results are slightly unpredictable. Not only did it post-date my blog entry but it also arranged all the photos in a random order and most of them ended up sideways. I re-ordered them and corrected the date but i can't for the life of me work out how to get everyone looking the right way round so i suggest tilting your screens and/or your necks to get a vague idea!

I am currently in The-day-before-the-party crisis mode. It's the boys' joint big birthday bash tomorrow and not only did we have fairly disappointing numbers to begin with but yesterday, with 48 hours to go the cancellations began.

I get that my children's birthdays aren't as important to everyone else, i really do. And i totally understand that life happens. I do. It doesn't help me to feel less "Ra" though when the "sorry we can't make it" texts come rolling in...

The party is costing £16.46 per head for the kids and we're down from 17 confirmed "yes"s who are all paid for to 11 actual children attending, including the birthday boys themselves! I'll let you do the math.

It's not just the money though, it's this whole other 'thing' i have going on whereby i feel that no one actually gives a toss about Rudy because he came along later and the novelty had worn off. I have my own issues about not having as much one-on-one time with him and not as much patience because i have to juggle his brother's needs too so it seems mightily unfair for him that other people seem to give less of a hoot too.

The boys know none of this of course so i'm sure they'll have a brilliant time regardless, it's all just me in my head...


The show must go on!

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