Friday, 25 January 2013

Sick and Wounded

If you don't hear from me for a few days it's because i am sick and wounded. Even if in more lucid moments i find i have something to say i'm unlikely to also summon the energy to actually write about it.

I think i seriously underestimated my mole ("lesion"?!) removal, my wound is bigger than the mole itself was, very open and very sore. Not helped by it's extremely awkward location. I am doing my own daily wound care and just hoping i manage to keep any infection out of there as it stings enough as it is.

Toby caught some pre-school snot-fest virus which made his nose stream and his voice disappear and he had one bad night with a barking cough but even though the snot trails linger he's now back to his usual self. I've caught it and as per usual my immune system has done it's thing and upped the ante..."A cold virus you say?! I'll see your common cold and raise you The Flu!"

At least i assume that's what's going on as i feel like i was runover in the night by a passing steamroller, and whilst unconscious flu-goblins inserted broken glass into my oesophagus and bags of flour where my brain used to be.

I am taking a vile rotation of over-the-counter medications all promising to relieve me of my symptoms but none have risen to the challenge so far. I'm in work tonight so if they don't kick in soon i may have to mix them together into a potion and set it up as a continuous IV infusion to get me through the night.

There'll be no more running updates for a few days obviously as i won't be running until i'm well again but my High Visibility Vest arrived from Amazon this morning so i'm ready to head into week 2 of my training (evening runs and all!) just as soon as i shift this lurgy...

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