Monday, 7 January 2013

Bounce bounce bounce!

We inflated the "Jump-o-lene"

For those who don't know what one of those is- where the hell have you been?! ;) It is, apparently, the name for a giant inflatable device, which looks like a bouncy castle and a birthing pool had a baby.  It was a totally off-the-wall christmas present for the boys from Chris's Uncle, Peter, and we've been waiting for the christmas tree to come down before inflating it, because from the box it looked like it would be pretty massive.  As it turns out, massive is somewhat of an understatement-

Toby and Rudy LOVE it!

It can't be a permanent feature, unfortunately unless we start sitting inside it to watch TV and taking our meals in there, but it didn't take as long to inflate as i expected it would (Don't tell Chris i said that- he's the one that inflated it!)


So we should be able to get it out pretty regularly for a bounce!


  1. My name again!!! Three times I been mentioned now in blogs! I'm blushing!!! All shy know? They look to be having fun with it anyway. May the bouncing continue.

  2. Sam you'll have to adopt me as your uncle!!! lol

  3. Haha do I go through social services for that? ;)

  4. Nah, just ask Toby and Rudy if they'll share...there's plenty of me to go around. :-P