Saturday, 4 August 2012

School's out for summer!

It is officially the summer holidays :D

You'd think that at 27 years old and with no school-age children i'd be at best ambivalent about this fact, and more likely mildly irritated by the sudden surge in prices and crowds almost everywhere.

It's true, i am struggling to adjust to the fact there are suddenly large children everywhere and that traffic flow is unpredictable.  Certainly, when we went to one of the bigger soft play areas in Manchester earlier this week, i was cursing the lack of formal education over the summer as the place was rammed and definitely impacted on how enjoyable the experience was, both for us and for the boys.

However, as the girlfriend of a university student i can't be too grumpy about the end of the academic year as it signifies the beginning of Chris's 6 weeks off.  SIX WEEKS! I am very aware that this will Never Happen Again, as he starts his final year in September, so i'm intending to make the most of it, although i have to say i'm not sure my idea of 'making the most of it' will tally with his idea of 'making the most of it'

My concept of making the most of Chris being off for 6 weeks:

  • Lots of family days out
  • Watching a movie every single night when i'm not in work- some of us have to earn a living ;)
  • DIY (Not that i enjoy it you understand, or even enjoy inflicting upon other people, i'm not a sadist, it's just there are things that need doing that never get done that apparently no one cares about apart from me...)

Chris's concept of making the most of his 6 weeks off:

  • Lie-ins
  • Skyrim
I can see a few discrepancies there.  We may need to try that old gem 'comprimise'.

It won't technically be six weeks OFF as he'll be picking up bank shifts where he can and i've volunteered to work some extra nights at work when the unit is short staffed (more financially motivated than altruistically motivated i'll admit, but the end result is the same) but it's still going to feel like six weeks off, compared to the previous six weeks where we've been juggling so many balls it's a wonder any of them are still in the air.

I am slightly groggy from work last night but underneath the grog is an enormous sense of relief and excitement ;)

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