Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Bumps, Babies and Birthdays

If you're reading this expecting a pregnancy announcement- congratulations! You're certifiably insane!

The bumps i refer to are those on Rudy's head, as a result of it having far too much sudden-contact with the floor recently.  In the past week alone he's flung himself head first from the bed twice and randomly fallen down on his head from standing so many times i have now lost count.

He has been practicing walking, and as much as he seems to enjoy the experience, i'm not sure his skull would agree, and my nerves are a bit withered with it all too.

It has been a week of birthdays, as apparently there's not much to do in October/November and almost everyone we know has a July/August birthday, or certainly it feels that way anyway.

Chris turned 29 on Thursday, he was supposed to go to uni to give a poster presentation or some other equally pointless endeavour that he hadn't done the prep work for, so instead we went out for a family breakfast

(Rudy demonstrates nicely why i don't usually bother to wear jewellery by attempting to remove my earrings with my ear lobe still attached- nice one Rudy, thanks for that!)

(Check me out Mum, i can stuff blueberries and strawberries in my mouth then hang upside down backwards outta my high chair over a tiled floor, and give you a heart attack during breakfast!)

Later, we had a picnic in the back garden

(Toby sporting a chocolate philadelphia moustache, have you tried that stuff?! The boys seem to be able to take it or leave it but i find it weirdly addictive!)

(And people wonder why i feel the need to bath/shower them every single night!)

Then on Saturday we had an actual birthday party for him, or rather a "Family friendly birthday barbecue", except that only a handful of (childless) people turned up, so it wasn't quite as advertised and we had rather a surplus of balloons, barbecue food, beer and cake!

Still, those of us who did attend enjoyed ourselves and the boys seemed to enjoy having people round, even if they were all of the grown-up variety.  Rudy went to bed at more or less the same time as usual although stirred a few times (probably due to unfamiliar voices travelling up the stairs and waking him up i reckon) and needed re-settling, Toby had a Very Late Night.  He had his new Batman PJs on from fairly early on in the evening, and as the night wore on he got more and more chilled, snuggling down on the sofa with a blanket to watch The Gruffalo, and The Gruffalo's Child on DVD and listen to the boring grown-ups chatting, then finally at 10.30 he said "My DO want to go to bed" so i took him up and he was asleep within mere minutes!

Chris's friend Chris (i know, confusing right, but Chris is a Christian whereas his friend is a Christopher, so that helps) came along with his SLR so we do have a few more, better quality photos but i don't have access to them right now i'm afraid.

My best friend Emma, who is marrying one of Chris's close friend's Ben (featured in my earlier entry: http://rebabyandbabies.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/matchmakers.html )
said at one point during the day "How can you not want another?! Look how good these two have turned out!"(indicating to the boys, who were scampering about playing with balloons) which made me smile, but then she ruined it by trying to get me to agree to have a third and even wanted to bump fists with me on it, which i understand is like legally binding or something?! So all my fuzzy feelings about the general awesomeness of my children were replaced by feelings of panic and horror at the notion of adding another to the mix.  Chris overheard and started frantically repeating his "Two is Enough" mantra over and over ( thankfully minus the rocking backwards and forwards that sometimes accompanies it)

Then last night i actually dreamed i DID have another baby.  The dream itself was mostly centered around the actual birth (for which my mother-in-law was present) It was an absurdly fast birth (which, in fairness to my subconscious, there's every chance it would be, as i believe 3rd babies are notorious for their unpredictable entries to the world) and even stranger was the fact that when the baby was first presented to me, it was a caucasian baby girl, but then it got taken away for a few moments for a little bit of resus and when it was returned it was a black baby boy...which in the dream panicked me slightly, but then when i looked around Chris was also black, so i relaxed a little and we began to talk about names. Toby was there (i'm not sure where Rudy was) and Chris said "What about Daniel" and i said to Toby "You could call him Danny" and Toby tried the word on his tongue- "Da-n-yal"...Honestly, it was trippy stuff, made more so because of the un-nerving, completely unrealistic realism.  And it was one of those dreams that takes place right towards the end of the night so when you wake up it's still right there, fresh in your mind, and you have a hard time adjusting back to reality.

Freaky dreams aside, we're absolutely done. I'm so sure.  I'm almost 100% definitely and totally sure.  I haven't blogged about my dramas with the coil because it all seemed a bit...well...gynaecological to be chatting away about on the internet but you may be pleased (or indifferent) to know that things are a little better now i had it switched to a different kind, so although we're not considering making any permanent alterations that would make Rudy the Eternal Youngest Child, we have got it covered for the next 5 years at least ;)

In the interests of being fair, aside from my fantastic boyfriend Chris(tian) here's the list of who else has been celebrating their birthdays these past couple of weeks:

Our springer spaniel Fudge who turned 6 on the 19th July! Happy Birthday Fudge! :)

Our aforementioned friend Chris(topher) who turned 30 a couple of days before Fudge! Happy Birthday Chris! :)

My little brother Kieran who we celebrated the 10th birthday of on the 25th July! Happy Birthday Kieran! :)

My (less) little sister Sophie who just turned 22 on the 29th of July! Happy Birthday Sophie! :)

Chris's uncle and mentor and friend Peter, who's birthday is TODAY but i have no clue how old he is! Happy birthday Peter! :)

And tomorrow is Chris's Mum's birthday, so Happy Birthday for tomorrow Joy! :)



  1. Oh Christ, I got a BFP last Friday and nearly fainted before realising the test was 2 months out of date. I then drove to Tesco in a haze and did the weekly shop before swinging by Superdrug for new tests, dashing home before I vomited from the shock I'd be repressing all round Tesco and whilst driving, took it and got the most beautiful clear BFN I have ever seen. By night-time the evap had disappeared too, but for 2 hours or so I actually believed I could be pregnant again and I was horrified. That said, on the drive home I came up with names just in case, lol, but I am so sick of people asking if/when I will have another, I think even more so because I've given up work, so it's like I'm saying "this is what I do now, have and raise children" rather than "I popped a few out and now I'm cracking on with life". There will be no more children for me. Ever. Unless we win the lottery and move to a big house, get a bigger car, and even then not until Nyah is at pre-school. I learnt my lesson on the age-gap front!

    Yay for all the birthdays though, sounds like a fun BBQ and breakfast out. I hear ya on the jewellery thing, I wear nothing but my rings and a flat bracelet on a cord so it doesn't dig into Nyah whilst feeding.

    Oh and I see you're experiencing the head injury phase. Two strikes and I got hauled into the children's centre managers office to discuss whether I was "coping" as the staff had noticed Nyah had a broken nose one week, and the next week I stupidly let slip I'd been at the doctors the night before after she pulled a chair on herself (there was no physical evidence, I was just making small talk).

    Fortunately after that (and a thorough exam from the GP to check she had no signs of abuse...) she got her shit together. She still bins it all the time but at least now it's normal kid injuries like grazed face, bust lip, stuff like that. She climbed over the back of the couch the other day and landed on her bum. The scary thing is she likes to copy Theakston and I caught them 'jumping' on the couch the other day (in Nyah land this involves throwing yourself upwards - although she has managed to jump twice already - and then swinging your arms back so you fly up on your tiptoes, then fly backwards landing on your bum then throw your head back so you end up lying down - another Theakston trick, but on the couch this is often misjudged and results in throwing yourself backwards down onto the floor), I nearly fell over the baby gate trying to get back in the room.

    1. Sorry re-read that, I didn't actually vomit from shock, I got home before I could vomit from shock, I had that awful nausea and in the heat of the car it was so much worse.