Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Things you cannot say out loud (so i will type them instead)

Here we go.

I look forward to going to work, for a break!

More than once i have received an e-mail from ebay about a free listing weekend and wondered idly if they have relaxed their policy on selling pets...(or children)

When Rudy starts to cry, after i've just spent an hour settling him and he's been asleep about 10 minutes, i do not think "Oh my precious baby- what could be the matter?" I think "Are you kidding me?!"

I frequently consider the merits of starting to drink. During the day. Heavily.  On the one hand, as the daugher of a (deceased) alcoholic, it seems like a truly terrible idea.  On the other hand, as the mother of two very small children, it seems like it might be the best idea i've ever had.

My favourite time of day is bedtime.

I'm a terrible mother.

I mean, really. Is it supposed to be this hard?!

I asked a friend of mine that very question last week and she said no, it shouldn't be, we should be living in tribes, helping each other out.  I think she's right.  Anyone interested in coming to live in a three bed terrace in Manchester with a mental health professional, an increasingly insane 20 something mother and her two increasingly demanding boys apply within for immediate vacanacy! The more the merrier! No animals unless you're fetching them to kill, cook and eat. We look forward to hearing from you...

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  1. It's true, it's all about the support network, I'm sure Chris can tell you all about the importance of a support system in mental health ;) When I hear my friends moaning about how awful a day they've had and thank God Grandma/Auntie Sue/Cousin Sarah is taking them for their weekly playdate/trip out/sleepover tomorrow I just want to murder them. The most I ever get is a few hours carefully timed outside the house while Sam holds the fort. Some days I wish I could just bundle the kids in the car and say "right, we're going to Nanny's" and she could take them for half an hour so I can go and sob in the shower or something. And if we lived in tribes there would be a nice rota of one of us going out and gathering... stuff... while the others watched the kids and then we'd swap etc.

    I am counting down the days until the end of the December when I can get on that plane, stumble into Manchester airport, get to my Dads and go to bed, lol. Oh, the things I will do with babysitters on tap!!