Friday, 14 September 2012

Mental Arithmetic

So i've been thinking about how some stuff just doesn't add up.

Like, how having two children can sometimes feel 10 x as hard as having one child.

How working 3 nights a week (as i have this past month) instead of 2 nights can somehow feel twice as bad, and just totally wreck your entire week, leaving very little time or energy to squeeze anything else in other than work.

Similarly, how two people living in the same house can see so little of each other.  Chris and i are like ships passing in the night at the moment because of work.  Our interactions mostly consist of handovers about how our day/night with the boys was, what they ate/drank, when they slept and how long for and who has pooped and peed, and when/where it occured.  It's romantic let me tell you.

How can an ONLINE grocery shop take up an entire afternoon, and feel almost as stressful as actually going to the supermarket after a night shift with two children.

How it can possibly still be another 12 days until pay day?!...

...And yet only be 101 more sleeps until Christmas?!?!

How has 6 weeks of summer holidays flown by in the blink of an eye and it's back to reality for us all as of Monday (aka Chris goes back to uni to start his final year- eeek!)

I just don't get it.  It doesn't make sense.  But then Math never was my strong suit at school.  I much preferred creative writing.  Not that you'll be seeing any of that from me this evening having had a grand total of two hours sleep today.

Mayhaps i'll be back tomorrow with a clearer head....

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