Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Morning Blogging

So this is new.

I generally write blog entries in the evenings, when the boys are tucked up asleep, as that's the only point during the day when i'm able to actually hold a thought in my head for longer than a few seconds before it is obliterated by a scream or cry or general demand of "MUMMY! PLAY WITH ME!"

However this past week or so, evenings have become just an extension of the day. They are both still going to bed early but then Rudy is spending the evening waking at least hourly and crying to be picked up out of his cot.

Ah yes, the cot. THE COT.  What can i tell you? My boys don't like cots. They clearly didn't see the memo that every baby is supposed to read, telling them that they should like cots, that cots and babies go together like strawberries and cream, like fish and chips, like whiskey and rum...oh no wait...that last one might not be right.

Up until 10 days ago Rudy was still sleeping in his co-sleeper crib attached to our bed, and all was well with the world.  Then one quiet afternoon, he decided that rather than take an afternoon nap, he would instead go on a little adventure.  So he crawled out of the co-sleeper, climbed over a pillow mountain, crawled across our double bed and flung himself head-first off the side. At that point we decided that possibly, just maybe, it might be time to move him into a cot. With bars. Great for keeping babies where they are supposed to be. Not so great for keeping babies asleep. At least not my babies anyway.

Every night since has been a nightmare. Except not even, a nightmare would be a welcome relief at this point because having a nightmare would mean i was actually asleep in the first place.

To be fair to the cot, Rudy has also acquired his 1st two teeth since it's introduction, so the timing has sucked and then there's the heat, which i know everyone loves- yay it's summer- yawn! Give me winter any day.  One of the virtues people extol about this kind of weather is how much easier it is to leave the house with children- no need to bundle them into layers and layers of winter coats and hats they say, isn't it fabulous? Maybe their kids don't wear sunscreen, i don't know. All i can tell you is that mine do, and trying to evenly cover two wiggly monsters in factor 50 when they're itching to go outside and have a water fight, therefore undoing all your hard work is no more or less fun than trying to get a hat, scarf and gloves on them when they're itching to go outside and play in the snow.  It's just the same shit, different day.

I do like barbecues though, because i love burgers and beer and gossip, and that's pretty much what a bbq consists of ;) so it's not all doom and gloom this May sunshine.

I just wish Rudy would sleep.  I mean, just sleep kiddo.

Right now he is asleep, on the bed though, not in the blasted cot. Hence me sitting here next to him on the laptop, blogging.  This way, should he stir and decide to go for a crawl he won't be able to catapult himself off the edge of the bed. Clearly not a sustainable solution, but i just couldn't face transferring him into the cot and dealing with the fallout that would cause. So yes, morning blogging- just like evening blogging it turns out. Hurried and nonsensical, with a whole lot of whinging about lack of sleep ;)

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  1. Aaah well, at least he didn't break his nose, eh? It could have been worse. Although I endured about 2 weeks of Nyah randomly crawling off the bed onto piles of pillows before that so it was my own fault really.

    Hope he sleeps soon, and yay for teeth! Jealous of your BBQs too, I still don't have much of a social life!