Monday, 19 March 2012

Mother's Day

I'm still not sure if i am permitted to share the lovely news with you (although i am sure it wouldn't matter if i did, i don't think i have a huge band of followers on here :D ) so for now you'll just have to make do with more general news ;)

My sister is home now, which is obviously great but she self-discharged against medical advice so that's obviously not so great.  I don't feel like getting into it all on here so we'll just leave it at that shall we?!

Our plan for Mother's Day yesterday had been to go on our first swimming trip as a family of four, i'd even bought Rudy a little wetsuit for the occasion! But as both Toby and i have ear infections and since Toby spent most of Saturday vomiting it seemed like that would be a very bad idea, so i amended the plans just a little and decided we'd have a pyjama day instead, haha.  Chris offered to make me a lasagne for dinner.

The pyjama day didn't quite work out as i ended up giving my sister a lift home from the hospital (before I knew she'd discharged herself) Clearly when i say "lift home" it makes it sound like i nipped around the corner, but it was over a 100 mile round trip so actually took up most of the afternoon.

I still got my delicious home-made lasagne when i got back though, and a well-earned generous glass of red wine ;)

I also got some lovely lovely cards from my boys.  Toby made me one at nursery on Thursday which i rather naughtily opened early!

Here they all are on display :)

Toby still isn't quite 100% but we haven't had any actual vomit for over 24 hours, so that's a relief.  I think Rudy is feeling a bit under the weather too, either that or he's teething in a bad way (bad Mummy not being able to tell) Either way he had his first couple of doses of calpol over the weekend as he had a raised temperature and has been even more sensitive than usual if you can believe it!

To give them both credit where it's due they make better patients than i do, i'm rubbish when i'm poorly but they both still manage to be cute :)

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