Monday, 25 March 2013

Snow in Spring

There's been a lot of chit-chat about the weather recently.  Specifically in reference to the white stuff (snow, not milk) and it's rightful appearance (or not) in March.

Now don't get me wrong, I can small-talk with the best of them.  Nursing, particularly when I was a student nurse working in elderly care, requires the ability to make pleasantries with people you don't necessarily know well and/or have much in common with, and I think the weather is everyone's go-to topic in such situations.

However those of you exclaiming "'s SPRING!" especially those of you who live in the UK, clearly don't remember last allow me to remind you:

Those photos are in chronological order, were all taken within weeks of each other, and mainly in March!

I think I actually blogged about the craziness of the weather around about this time last year, because what with the switching between suncream and bobble hats and back again, and my general state of mind at that time, I was getting a real "End of Days" feeling about it all.  A weather apocalypse is probably my scariest kind, I have decided it is the kind of apocalypse I'd be least likely to survive, and don't think I haven't given it A LOT of thought (yeah yeah, don't pretend like you haven't).  So everyone freaking out about the temperature in March is unhelpful for my mental state and I'd like you all to stop it. Thank you.

Additionally, anyone feeling the need to make comments along the lines of "I thought global warming was supposed to make it hotter?!" even if this is meant as a joke, needs to be aware that I will forever see you as Homer Simpson, skipping around: "Everything is the opposite of everything, la la la!" so, unless that's something you can live with, think on.

So, snow in spring? Y'all need to get the fuck over it!

p.s. IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!


  1. Whenever people get all in a tizzy about spring weather, I remember an adorable picture of my niece from when she was two. It was taken on Easter, and she was building a snowman while wearing a sun dress. New England weather was bananas even before climate change.

  2. Now that's a topic for conversation with elderly people, which kind of apocalypse is best