Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Belated Christmas

It's only the 27th so i think i'm still within my rights to do a christmas post...right?!

Ours has been very different this year, for one thing we haven't had any central heating or hot water since the 21st December. But that's another story. The other thing that's different is that we've had guests! For the first time in 8 years!

Chris's Mum and sister Emma have been staying with us since the 23rd and it's been brilliant.

Christmas eve we had a little party with games, music, a buffet and drinks

Later we had Santa duties

Christmas morning was mostly taken up with present opening

In the afternoon Emma and i took the boys out for a quick trip to the park on their bikes/trikes while Chris cooked christmas dinner

Dinner was delicious and everyone was pretty tired out after from the early start and busy day but i had to head out to work to look after the squishy new babies spending their first christmas on the neonatal unit.

Yesterday, boxing day was pretty sedate, i had a small sleep after work and then made mexican food for everyone, sat in my pyjamas and stuffed my face until i could hardly move, drank one solitary beer and started falling asleep on the sofa so sent myself to bed at 6.30pm like the Party Animal that i am.  I can't say as i'm feeling particularly rested though as i was randomly awake again at 10.30pm so made the mistake of doing some online sale shopping, unaware that we were going to have the night from hell with Rudy who was inexplicably awake and wailing for most of the night despite all our attempts to settle him.

Other than the (fairly usual) lack of sleep though it's been nice, we all got some lovely presents, and the boys are really enjoying all theirs.  They actually got a good mix of things- some clothes, some books, some chocolates and sweets, some bright, flashing, noisy toys and some beautiful, wooden, non-noise-making toys and the big stuff like the bike, trike, and...wait for it...a bouncy castle?!?! (Thanks Peter ;) ) I think we're going to have to wait for the christmas tree to vacate before we get that out the box, although they both wanted us to inflate it as soon as it was unwrapped (it was the final present under the tree).

So, overall a really great christmas, and it feels like there's more yet to come.

So Merry Belated Christmas to all (four of) my blog readers ;)

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